The story behind the making & building of The Art of Lax.

Setting goals and taking risk are very common traits in sports… and more so often, in life.

All In!

Today at exactly 1pm EST, I turned in my 2-week notice at my job.  The Art of Lax™/The Art of Athletes™ ventures are fully backed! 

It’s time to go ALL IN!

Here’s to the next chapter in my career.  I hope that you all have enjoyed the ride, so far.

Vinnie Ricasio           

Founder, Creative Director (The Art of Lax™/The Art of Athletes™)

New York City

"It’s more fun to be a Pirate, than to join the Navy."

— Steve Jobs


Passion energizes talent.  Find something you like to do so much you’d gladly do it for nothing.  If you do learn to do it well, someday people will be happy to pay you for it.  Prioritize your life accordingly to your passion with the aim to develop the talent you have, not the one you want.  Remember that it’s better to live with the pain of risk than the pain of regret.